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    Certificación en ISO 9001:2015

    BRCGS Packaging Materials

    External certification based on the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Packaging quality standard, a food safety system that is based on providing a food safety and quality guide for manufacturers of packaging and packaging materials used to package food.

    As manufacturers of packaging for the food industry, we comply with the legal requirements in relation to product safety, established in Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 of the Commission, of January 14, 2011, on plastic materials and objects intended to come into contact with food (link); from which the following requirements for packaging manufacturers are extracted:

    -Produce containers that do not pose any danger to human health.

    -Provide a safe environment in the processing, guaranteeing the minimum risks of contamination, according to the General Hygiene Plan of the Ministry of Health, analyzing the dangers and critical control points.

    -Use authorized raw materials or ingredients that are not harmful to human health.



    ISO 9001:2015

    Bandesur also has the EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems certificate from the SGS Spain Group. It is a European standard elaborated under a Mandate directed to CEN (European Committee for Standardization) by the European Commission and by the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), and it supports the essential requirements of the European directives.

    With this certificate we demonstrate the ability we have to provide in a consistent and safe way the products and services that satisfy the client's requirements and the applicable regulations. In addition, it is an international standard that promotes the adoption of an approach based on the PHCA continuous improvement cycle (Plan, Do, Check and Act).

    The implementation of this Standard allows the continuous improvement of all the operational processes of the company, with the aim of satisfying the needs and expectations of the client. The 8 principles of quality management on which it is based are: Customer focus, Leadership, Staff participation, Process-based approach, System approach to management, Continuous improvement, Fact-based approach to decision-making and mutually beneficial supplier relationships.



    This certification recognizes that we introduce as a secondary raw material, in our production processes for manufacturing packaging for the food industry, whether they are monolayer and / or multilayer, recycled PET flake from post-industrial waste delamination and multilayer post-consumer processes.

    The percentage of recycled material in the inner sheet is 80%, being 40% post-industrial and 60% post-consumer, so that the two outer layers are 20% of the total sheet.

    The ECOSENSE certificate is granted by the PLASTIC SENSE FOUNDATION once the company's facilities have been subjected to an inspection process by an entity accredited by ENAC under the ISO / EC 17020 standard that verifies compliance with the conditions established in the corresponding procedures (PS-RPM-LAM, PS-RPM-BAN or PS-RPM-ENV) established by the foundation.


    Environmental commitment

    At Bandesur we are committed to protecting the environment and the circular economy, which is why we continuously work to increase the efficiency of our production processes, with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint and improving the sustainability of our products.

    Trabajamos por la Economía Circular y para ello, nos adherimos a la Estrategia Europea de Plásticos, de la Comisión Europea (Circular Plastics Alliance) cuyo objetivo es la incorporación de más de 10 millones de toneladas anuales de plástico reciclado en 2025. Por esta razón, nos unimos a la iniciativa de la Plataforma Europea More, que monitoriza el uso del material reciclado por parte de los transformadores de plástico. El Sello MORE nos ha sido otorgado por EuPC (European Plastics Converters) y Anaip (coordinadora en España) en reconocimiento a los esfuerzos realizados para incorporar material reciclado a nuestro proceso productivo. 

    Además, estamos adheridos a la iniciativa Operation Clean Sweep, lo que implica que tenemos desarrolladas buenas prácticas para prevenir la pérdida de granza y escamas de nuestro producto, como convertidores de materia prima (granza) a producto semielaborado (lámina de PS) (enlace).

    All our containers are 100% recyclable so they must be deposited in the right container to give them a second life.

    Recicla nuestros productos en el contenedor amarillo

    Likewise, with the development of the biodegradable foam tray we have contributed to the fact that, if for some reason, it is not deposited in its proper place of disposal, it is less harmful to the environment.

    On the other hand, all our PET containers contain between 50% and 80% recycled PET, from plastic bottles.

    In our facilities and production processes we have energy saving systems to reduce electricity consumption and the carbon footprint, at the same time that all our waste is properly managed by authorized companies.

    In addition

    • Our workers are committed to the responsible consumption of resources, the correct recycling of waste and the reductionof printing paper
    • We carry out regular reviews of our equipment to prevent leaks, electrical surcharges and reduce the number of breakdowns.
    • We optimize transportation and logistics processes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    • We are committed to the circular economy from the design and manufacture of our products, recycling 100% of the waste produced in our plant.

    We are committed to our present: respect for the environment.