• About us


    At Bandesur we began our journey in 1998 with the exclusive manufacture of foam trays, little by little we expanded production lines, making containers of different shapes and sizes in order to better satisfy the needs of our customers.

    In 2011 we started with the thermoforming of the PET sheet, making open trays, tubs and slices. Every year that passed, we were improving the processes until we reached the highest quality standards. Later, we added other materials such as OPS, PP or PET-PE and PET-EVOH-PE to heat seal.

    Logo Bandesur 20 Aniversario

    In 2016 we opened a new PVC extrusion line, where we manufacture food film and in 2018 we were pioneers in the development and marketing of 100% recyclable and biodegradable foam tray.

    Today we have four product lines: polystyrene foam trays and formats (XPS), high barrier open trays (PET-EVOH-PE), tubs / salad bowls / slices with hinged lid (PET , OPS, PP) and PVC food film (catering, manual, automatic and jumbo).

    Our ability to serve all these products in a unified way sets us apart, offering great added value in service while minimizing the carbon footprint for transport.


    We are a company with 100% Andalusian capital, with more than 150 workers distributed in two manufacturing plants. We always seek the highest quality in everything we do, whether in the tailored and close attention to our customers or in the production of any of our products.

    We are a young and dynamic company, with an agile and flexible organization, which allows us to adapt to new market trends and the needs of our clients.

    Our characteristics as a team are:

    Commitment. We work professionally, giving the best of ourselves in each of our actions.

    Innovation. We are open to different research and collaboration projects with other companies, developing new products with new and more sustainable properties.

    Environment. We are committed to the environment, that is why our products are 100% recycled.


    To be the leading Spanish packaging company in the food industry with quality and environmentally friendly packaging.


    Offer the best packaging solutions for the food industry to the most demanding and quality-conscious consumers.


    Professionalism. Knowing how to be and knowing how to do with co-workers and clients, our maxim is respect and responsibility.

    Passion. Do the work with enthusiasm, with enthusiasm and always with a positive attitude on a daily basis.

    Engagement. Having a positive and proactive attitude towards work, being motivated and proud of the work we do, our commitment is customer satisfaction.